Candidate: Finding the perfect private chef position

Apr 23, 2021 - 5 mins

The dream: 

Chef L. was recommended to register with Hutchinsons. She sent her CV at the end of August 2020 and explained to us that she was looking to transition from working on luxury motor yachts to a land-based role.  

She was looking for a position where those she is cooking for really enjoy food, different cuisines with a lot of variety. 

She was keen to settle into a long-term land-based role where she could continue to evolve as a successful private chef.

The perfect job:

We set up an interview and trial for Chef L. at a private residence in Surrey where she would be meeting with the family and cooking a trial meal showcasing her vast culinary skillset.  

Upon completion of the trial day, the family were very impressed and invited her back for another trial.  

She was able to produce a wide range of cuisine which the family thoroughly enjoyed.  They found her personality likeable and her chef skills superb.  She was offered the position and eagerly accepted. 

The outcome: 

Chef L. is still happily employed and sees herself working for this family in the long term.  She has been able to hone in on her already diverse skill set while also enhancing her skills and ability.  

Candidate quote: 

"Great kitchen, family are lovely!"