Client: Recruiting the ideal Household Manager

Jun 22, 2021 - 4 mins

The brief:

In Qatar, our client, a well-known businessman had very tragically lost his wife. Our remit was to find a Household Manager, to run his home along the lines that his late wife had, oversee the staff and to occasionally accompany the client as a companion to events such as the theatre, or out for a company function. This required a person who was highly erudite and who could be an engaging and amusing companion, while at all times maintaining the formality of the employment.

The perfect candidate:

A superb candidate, highly trained by the Australian Butler Academy and with years of experience managing official residences, hosting formal events and heading a team of staff applied.  This was a gentleman, who we have known for many years and he had superb skills, together with a disarming, but highly professional and friendly personality.

The outcome:

Both client and candidate were delighted in each other and long term employment has evolved.  To our delight, our client has now re-married, however, our candidate still runs the residence-though sadly for him, rarely gets to the theatre now!