Client: How Hutchinsons can find you the Perfect Head Housekeeper

Jun 22, 2021 - 5 mins

The brief:

Our client required a Head Housekeeper with exceptional laundry skills and hands-on capability, to work with a second part-time cleaning lady.  The property is only occupied for 5 months of the year, and so the successful applicant had to be absolutely trustworthy, have exceptional knowledge in the care of fine fabrics, (both clothing and furnishing,) objects d'art and have the ability to cook to a reasonably good level.

Doubly difficult, was the fact that the property was remotely located and no accommodation was on offer.

The perfect candidate:

Hutchinsons found the perfect candidate, whose CV was impeccable, having had 5 years working in a similar role for a well-known actress.  She had experience in caring for a couture wardrobe, packing and unpacking, caring for beautiful artefacts and had been Head Housekeeper at the employers very well-known villa in the South of France.  She was a hobby cook and lived locally. 

The outcome:

Our client interviewed this candidate and found her to be superbly qualified in the aspects of work she required covering in her own home.  Because the client lives in the USA and commutes to her French home for periods of a month at a time, she was particularly delighted that our candidate had stellar references and having trialled her, described her cooking as "delectable" and her housekeeping and work ethic "second to none".