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Are you looking to work as a private butler in 2023?

Private butler jobs can offer you an incredible career, working with some great families providing them with the support they need to keep the household running smoothly. 

A Butler is an individual who serves a household's domestic needs and is expected to take on multiple responsibilities to meet the needs of the employer. 

The typical requirements of a butler include table service along with the service of drinks. Meeting the visitors of the house in a warm and welcoming demeanour is mandatory for an accomplished butler when times are busy. As a domestic butler you will also be required to take care of the wine cellar and tend to the frequent cleaning of antiques, art and valuable inventory. Depending on the household, butlers may also be responsible for the organisation of shooting events and ensuring the guns are conserved and kept in good condition. Other responsibilities may include but not limited to table decorations, valeting, taking care of clothing and general maintenance and security around the residence. 

Professional butlers require several skills for this role including excellent communication and customer service skills, leadership skills and most importantly taking pride in your work and having great attention to detail. Desirable skills also include having exceptional listening skills and patience. In demanding households during busy periods, it may be stressful and therefore a butler who can work well under pressure and maintain these skills is necessary. Having experience in hospitality and hotel management is beneficial for this role, however training can also benefit the prospective employee.   

Butlering can also provide travelling opportunities for those who wish to venture further. If you think you would suit being a travelling butler, our vacancies may be able to fulfil your needs. Potential locations to work include London, as well as the picturesque South of France. 

For domestic staff such as butlers, they typically have a 5-6 day working week including weekends where households may be busier and have frequent guests. The average hours of a butler are around 60 hours a week. However, the role can be live-in or live-out. Live-in butlers benefit from being at the residence to cater for the needs of the household and many live-in positions provide accommodation and utilities paid for as part of the salary package. Butlers can also live outside of the residence which may provide them with more flexibility if they have other responsibilities such as childcare.  

As a butler, salaries are dependent on a wide range of factors including location, level of experience and responsibilities. They can range from anywhere between £35,000-£60,000 per annum.   

To view our private butler vacancies, look below or speak to someone from our expert team here at Hutchinson’s. 

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