Domestic Couple Jobs

Are you and your partner looking to work together in 2023 to provide domestic services for a household? 

A domestic couple is a partnership that oversees the domestic needs of a household.

They are two workers that are hired as one who often possess a myriad of complementary skills in order to aid the smooth running of the household. 

Domestic couple jobs offer the opportunity to form an integral part of a family/household. The role offers huge potential for you and your partner with a wide range of responsibilities in multiple areas. 

As a domestic couple, your typical duties will vary but will generally include housekeeping and cooking and ensuring that the household is kept clean and in its finest condition. Other duties and responsibilities may include gardening to maintain the exterior of the property and cultivate its idyllic appearance. Administrative tasks may be required in order to ensure the house is running like clockwork and that all staff are working together harmoniously. 

More complex domestic couple jobs include butler services which aid the effective delivery of house gatherings, parties and accommodate visitors with a cordial welcome. 

In family homes, childcare and nanny skills will be required to assure the safety of the children. Duties may include arranging playdates/activities, cleaning up after children, laundry and organising their daily schedules. Preparing meals and cooking for the household may also be a requirement of a domestic couple job depending on the role. Having knowledge for various cuisines is advantageous within this job in order to meet the needs of the employer. 

Couple jobs like this require an eager to learn attitude in order to adjust and suit their employers’ desires. Being hands-on individuals that excel in practical environments is desirable, along with a drive for excellence. As duties are varied, skills in these areas are required depending on the requirements of the role. 

If you are in search of travel jobs for couples, then a domestic couple position may suit you. International travel may be required for some vacancies, allowing you leisure time to explore new locations. Many of our vacancies provide separate accommodation and utilities paid as part of the package. Locations for our vacancies vary with places of work including London or Suffolk as well as international locations if you are in search of a couple job abroad. 

A live-in household domestic couple will typically work for 10-12 hours a day for five days a week. Alternate weekends may be required to work if needed and days off are likely during weekdays depending on the role. Having a live-in couple job is beneficial in order to provide the highest level of support for households and a resident domestic couple will play a vital role in home security and safety when homeowners are away. 

While live out roles may be slightly less flexible, they still have their benefits. Typically, a live out role will ultimately depend on the candidate's situation. The working hours of a live out domestic couple are flexible depending on the position and the needs of the household. More hours may be required during busier seasons if households have guests visiting, and less hours if the homeowner is not in residence. 

The salary for domestic couple jobs is attractive based on experience. Most of our vacancies offer competitive full-time salaries of £60-70,000 for domestic couple jobs. 

Domestic couple job salaries are paid to employees as individuals with tax and national insurance contributions taken into account however most jobs will be advertised as combined salaries. 

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