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Daily Estate Manager

East Grinstead, West Sussex

Full Time


£60,000 - £70,000 based on experience

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Daily Estate Manager
East Grinstead, West Sussex

A highly recommended position for an experienced Estate Manager to oversee and manage a large, beautiful property based in Sussex.   You should have previous experience working for UNHW families, managing properties, with a risk management background.   This position is for a private family who use the property occasionally throughout the year, mainly during the summer and Christmas holiday period.  The Estate has approximately 209 acres, which consists of a mix of a wall garden, forest area, a lake, and landscaped grounds.   There are approximately eight buildings on the Estate including a large mansion.   This role will require you to take on responsibility, manage and oversee the day-to-day operation of the property.   Duties will include property management, ensuring maintenance/repairs are dealt with, liaising, and overseeing contractors, supporting onsite staff, dealing with administration (HR knowledge would be beneficial) including budgets, VAT return, payment of invoices, expenses, overall running of costs.   It is essential that you can ensure the main house, buildings, gardens etc. are maintained to the highest standard.    This is a fully staffed property which includes housekeepers, gardening team, maintenance, and security, it is essential that you are a team player who can support and manage a team of staff while working alongside the team to ensure the standards are met and the property is secure.   When the family are not in residence, the working hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm with occasional weekends, when the family are in residence, you will be required to work longer hours with flexibility based on their needs.   Salary in the region of £60,000-£70,000GPA based on experience.   Immediate start.   (HU3678)