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Resident Housekeeping Manager

Saudi Arabia

Full Time



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Resident Housekeeping Manager
Full time - 6 days a week 8 to 9 hours daily with some flexibility
Saudi Arabia
Essential requirements: Full proficiency in English, 10 years’ experience in 4- and 5-star hotels, Experience as a head housekeeper in a 5-star luxury hotel and / or in a VIP private household
Preferred: Degree in hospitality, HRM or relevant field

You will be required to manage the day-to-day housekeeping and laundry operations of a high-profile VIP villa, ensuring outstanding service standards are met at all times with the following specific operational responsibilities   

  • Management of housekeeping services for the spa, villa and ancillary property, across all locations
  • Review quality checks made by housekeeping supervisors to ensure consistent high standards
  • Assist in assessment of providers of housekeeping equipment and supplies in collaboration with the corporate team
  • Ensure seamless coordination between the housekeeping team and other teams in the property

Additionally, you will be required to:    

  • provide reports to managers concerning issues in the housekeeping department
  • determine preliminary budgets for the department
  • develop housekeeping procedures and processes and make recommendations for improvements
  • determine the requirements in terms of competences and skills in the team
  • assess training needs and recommend appropriate courses to improve skills
  • monitor and evaluate performance and provide formal and informal feedback to staff.

The salary range is US$3800 to US$5100 a month - food, accommodation (or 35% of salary as an allowance for rented accommodation), transportation and excellent medical insurance are provided together with an annual return ticket to the country of residence.   (HU3769)