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EU 6,700 per month tax free

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Governess Jobs

Essential requirements: Previous experience working as a Governess, fluent in English and French.

The Governess will be responsible for the overall activities that affect the wellbeing of the child/children.  There are 5 children ranging in age from 5-15 years and a baby of 2 years.

The successful candidate will work within a team of 3 other governesses including a Lead Governess.  Other support teams including chefs and housekeepers are employed.

General Responsibilities include the overall coordination of the child/children’s activities. This includes coordinating with different teams as per below.

  • Ensure continuous overall academic development/learning, as well as daily after school activities in coordination with the Academic support team
  • Instil and improve French language of children throughout the day through conversation, planned activities and practice.
  • Responsible for coordination of daily activities of the children like waking up, setting sleep patterns, arranging meals, dressing, bathing, supervising after school classes/tutoring through relevant support team, oversight of cleanliness & tidiness of rooms, closet management, laundry, etc.
  • Communicate with school when needed or asked to
  • Overall responsibility of children’s’ proper manners and etiquette throughout their daily activities
  • Coordinates children’s requirements during home stay or travel
  • Ensure a healthy lifestyle for children
  • Plan & prepare children’s schedule
  • Assist with and organize different types of outings for children
  • Ensure that the child/children reach the envisioned milestones in their overall development
  • Encourage children’s’ positive behaviour to complete set tasks & activities
  • Follow all guidelines as directed by the family
  • Ensure the safety of the children throughout the day and during any activity
  • Prepare any reports or feedback as requested by Lead Governess or by the family and highlight any concerns about the child’s wellbeing.

This position offers a salary in the region of EU6,700 per month tax free.  Accommodation is provided as a furnished studio apartment on the compound and transportation is also provided. Annual ticket to home country and medical insurance provided. (HU3981)




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