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 Lady's Maid 

  • A full-time position
  • The position is based in London, UK
  • The position is based in a private household
  • Working directly with the principal
  • Reporting to the London Household Manager

 Primary Responsibilities

  • The primary focus of this position is to be responsible for the wardrobe of the Principal
  • The wardrobe will be maintained at the highest standards that are based on the designer’s instructions


General Duties 

  • The wardrobe will be kept in the best of conditions at all times
  • You will coordinate with the Principals stylists and shoppers as needed
  • You will keep track of all garments that come to the residence for approval
  • You will ensure that the principal is aware of garments that require her review and approval
  • You will coordinate with the stylists informing which garments are being kept and which ones need to be returned
  • You will keep track of all inventory items to include but not limited to stockings, makeup, perfumes, hair products and any other personal items required. This is to also include any medications, to ensure that they are current, and an adequate supply for travel
  • The lady’s maid will ideally keep a photo inventory of all clothing on an approved device for future reference
  • The lady’s maid will ideally keep a photo inventory of important outfits, when and where they are worn
  • Assisting the housekeeper if needed for anything in the master bedroom, change room, bathroom of the principal
  • The lady’s maid will keep a simple diary of clothing worn during household entertaining and who is present so that the principal can ensure they do not wear the same outfit with the same guests
  • Keeping track of accessories that are to coordinate with specific outfits
  • To ensure that all shoes are properly polished as may be needed, and handbags are maintained and stored appropriately
  • To serve any meals within the private bedroom as may be required if a butler or other food and beverage staff member is not available
  • To work with the London household manager
  • To work with the house managers in the additional residences
  • On your days off you will coordinate with other lady’s maids to ensure they know exactly what is required in your absence
  • Any other items required from time to time
  • Seasonal wardrobe changes as required
  • Preparing garments for off season storage, including appropriate records
  • To coordinate with clothing resellers as required
  • Meet and greet guests as may be required
  • Ensure any messages are relayed in a quick and timely manner both to the principal and to household employees

 Laundry & Garment Repair

  • All garments are to be kept clean and “wear ready” at all times
  • You are responsible to wash garments as required. This includes by hand, in an approved household washing machine or sent to a reputable dry cleaner
  • To ensure all garments alterations and repairs as required
  • To ensure ironing and steaming of garments is done as needed either by the household laundress, professional garment cleaners or herself


  • You are required to accompany your principal as required with world-wide travel.
  • During this time, you will be responsible for the wardrobe, this includes packing, shipping, unpacking and setting up garments as required
  • To be able to clean garments while traveling or wait until you are back at home base in London
  • Packing of the principal’s suitcase for travel, even if the lady’s maid is not accompanying the principal
  • Unpacking when the principal returns home
  • Keeping a written inventory of what is packed and shipped in suitcases and recording when it returns to the London residence  

Personal Assistant Duties 

  • To coordinate with the principal’s personal assistant to understand and be aware of the daily, weekly and monthly schedule
  • To assist at the last minutes with personal assistant duties. This may include changing a dinner reservation, coordinating with a hotel representative or communicating messages to any other household employee

  Ideal Candidate

  • This is a challenging position that requires an intelligent person willing to take on many challenges, this requires self-confidence and garment knowledge
  • To be computer literate with PC and Mac computers
  • Ability to keep track of approved financial spending for reconciliation as required by household policies
  • Driver’s license


  • This is a salaried position
  • This position includes an accommodation budget
  • This is five days per week
  • Flexibility with the schedule is required
  • If required, the lady’s maid will assist for a specific event on her days off and therefore will make themselves available



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