Hotels & Resorts

Hutchinson’s, in association with Heilbron Butler Services (Pty) Ltd, is able to offer excellent training opportunities for Hotels and Resorts worldwide.

Our customised Butler Training benefits your hotel or resort through our experiences, unique training system, easy-to-understand explanations and the use of role-playing exercises. We have invested many years in research and have the expertise to provide a training that reaches a change in behaviour, reawakens consistent service, develops the right emotional intelligence qualities and refines and enhances existing skills. For the hotel it means visible results, great guest feedback, proud staff members and positive work habits.

We offer two levels of Butler Training. A 5-day Refresher Training Programme, for those who have experience in the butler industry. This training aims at recalling and reinforcing previously acquired knowledge and skills. Our 8-day Intensive Training Programme is designed for butlers who have never received a butler training or for situations where a serious turn-around in the service standard is required.

Our training programme consists of theory and practical sessions. We believe that role play prepares the butlers for their future performance and improves their ability in their work in the best possible way. Our teams consist of multiple trainers, each responsible for a component.

Your SOP´s will be used as a guideline for the entire training. In this way, we ensure that all current systems and procedures remain in place. For the use of your SOP’s and/or any other confidential material, knowledge or information, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The trainers of Heilbron Hospitality provide all the necessary soft skills to create a good and pleasant atmosphere within the group.

Enquire by e-mail to for further information on our training recommendations, or visit the website of Heilbron Butler Services.