domestic staffing in 2021

How Our Style of Recruitment and Business has lasted over 35 years

Aug 12, 2021 - 9 mins

Hutchinsons began over 36 years ago, when Director Frances Hutchinson started a business specialising in the placement of top-notch private household, yachting and aircraft staff.

Over the years, she and her team have been fortunate to work closely with Royal families from all over the world, Dignitaries, UNHI and private families globally.  

Having started in the industry in 1983, Frances gained several years' experience working with Belgravia Bureau and Jeeves Butler Agencies in the Brompton Road, where she acted not only as Senior Consultant, but also Manager.  

Frances was Head Hunted by Barclay Professional Employment, another first-class Private Household Staff agency to set up and run the business.  The Company later bought out a well-respected specialist Nanny Agency, giving Frances further insight into the Nanny and Governess Marketplace.

In 1985 Hutchinsons was established with a small team of staff working under Frances' direction and since that time the business has gone from strength to strength.  25 years ago, Karen Upton was employed as Senior Consultant and Alyssa Gilman joined the team some 10 years ago.  Frances, Alyssa and Karen are all involved in the recruitment side of the business, while Paul Atkinson runs the financial side of things, and we are blessed with our Administrative Manager Sarah.

Over the last 36 years Hutchinsons have employed a small team of people who have all worked within the company for many years. This is perhaps partially the reason for our success, since clients and applicants know who they are going to deal with, as a result of the continuity of our in-house staff rarely changing;  Recently, we were pleased to hear from the eldest daughter of a client for whom we had found Nannies and Butlers during the 80'2 and 90's. She was looking for a Household Manager for her Mother, who of course we remembered well and so we found ourselves going full circle with this lovely family.

We are often given privileged information in order to fill a difficult or high-profile role and in return offer complete confidentiality.  We are invited to residences globally to view properties requiring staffing; thus we are comfortable in dealing with a Queen needing a Personal Assistant or a client needing a Gardener.  For many clients we staff worldwide residences, their yacht(s) and jet.    

In using Hutchinsons, clients and applicants are assured of a professional, confidential, successful and highly experienced team assisting with any category of staff required within a private home/yacht/aircraft. 

- Written By Frances Atkinson (Nee Hutchinson)