Could a Domestic Couple be the answer for your household?

Oct 5, 2021 - 17 mins

When considering the employment of domestic staff in their home, there are several options available to families. Each household has different needs, and it can be difficult to find the right staff arrangements that fulfil those requirements. Some homes may have the need for a gardener, and a chef, but also someone to occasionally fill the role as a driver. Some need a presence at their property grounds when they’re not there, or make sure the house is always ready to welcome visitors.

Instead of employing several people to complete each separate role, households can hire a domestic couple to cover all of the eclectic, but essential tasks that keep their home running.

What is a domestic couple?

Domestic couples are a pair of people who may be married, be partners, or simply experienced individual professional people who have proven to have an established track record as domestic workers. As a couple, they often share on-site accommodation and work together to carry out the tasks that keep a household running.

Why consider a domestic couple?

The close relationship between a domestic couple can be invaluable within a busy household. Knowing one another so well, they often work as a much more synchronised and efficient team than individual staff members, and there is a mutual understanding that when meeting the wishes of the employer, one tends to cover for the other when necessary. Plus, communication between people who are so familiar with one another is often seamless, creating a firm foundation for the smooth running of an estate or home.

Nowadays, it is not common for a household to need a full team of domestic staff, therefore a domestic couple offers a more flexible, intuitive and economic staffing option than hiring several individuals. The roles which are usually shared between a couple can be mixed and varied and are likely to cover many of the usual domestic duties.

Domestic couples can cover anything

Indeed, it’s often surprising to see the range of roles a good couple can take on. One could be a cook or housekeeper, and the other a gardener, maintenance person or driver. Alternatively, one could be a chef, and the other a butler. A domestic couple position accommodates people with a whole manner of specialisms: the butler who can cook and drive a car, the gardener with building experience, and the chef who is prepared to oversee the household team too.

For the couple, this creates a position that is varied and interesting. No two days are the same and there is never a shortage of satisfying, hands-on work.

Becoming a domestic couple brings exciting opportunities

Even so, having two people covering the fluid running and maintenance of a household ensures a manageable workload, and thus plenty of quality time off. Many positions are placed internationally, offering the chance to live and work abroad. For those passionate about travel, language and other cultures, becoming a domestic couple potentially allows them to experience another country, while supported by accommodation and a steady income.

The professional benefits of domestic couples

At the foundation of bringing on a domestic couple are good relationships, within the couple and between the employer and their employees. A couple that has a close and coordinated working relationship produces a positive atmosphere which is both beneficial to them and contributes to a peaceful household environment. Having good rapport between staff and employers ensures communication is effective and tasks are completed to a high standard.

For households looking for staff, an experienced and hard-working domestic couple that can be trusted to carry out every task with professionalism and excellence always proves to be a worthwhile investment. Plus, if employed for a long time they will develop unrivalled expertise about the running and upkeep of an estate or home.

Domestic staffing requirements are flexible and diverse. If you’re looking to hire a domestic couple, the assistance of a good agent is paramount in ensuring you find the pair with the right range of skills. They can recommend various configurations and establish the responsibilities which would keep your house running smoothly.

If you are a couple considering a future in a domestic couple position, the opportunities for recruitment are broad. It can be helpful to work out what your specialisms are and formulate applications which advertise the diversity and breadth of that experience and knowledge. The positions are diverse and fluid by nature, offering the chance to engage all of your skills working towards one excellent standard

So, hiring a domestic couple has numerous advantages. It provides a flexible and functional option for households needing staff, but without the need for several individual members of staff. Based on the close relationship between the two in the couple, domestic couple positions ensure harmonious and efficient teamwork that often takes years to develop between staff members. Hiring a couple could be the ultimate investment needed to meet your household’s needs.

And for those considering the position, it creates an exciting opportunity to work alongside someone you’re close to towards a common goal in a unique, and interesting setting.

- Written By Frances Atkinson (Nee Hutchinson)