domestic staffing in 2021

Domestic Staffing in 2022

Jun 6, 2022 - 14 mins

For any UK-based global company, it would be hard to claim that Covid-19 and Brexit hadn’t affected business. Domestic Staff Recruitment is no exception. Circumstance and developments have changed the industry landscape and posed challenges that have required businesses to adapt - and swiftly. More than anything, these changes have highlighted the additional value provided by entrusting domestic staffing needs to an established industry leader. 

The first challenge presented to most at the start of the global pandemic, was the inability to conduct the in-person meetings, that had previously been taken for granted. As a brilliant way to forge relationships, welcome new candidates and assure levels of excellence Hutchinsons had, until that point, prided itself on conducting in-person meetings with all prospective staff.        

With the advent of Lockdown and the imposition of restrictions, we too began the process of migrating to Zoom and adapting to the online interview.  While initially different, it soon became clear that exemplary individuals shine just as brightly over the internet, as in person.  In-depth Recruitment experience, means that it is still possible to ascertain a prospect's knowledge, experience and suitability for a role, while not in the same location.   

A less positive implication of the Pandemic,  has been the huge job losses seen in the commercial hospitality sector. Many individuals who are incredibly well qualified in their original field, are now having to look outside hospitality for their next role.  This has led to a significant increase in the number of applications for domestic staffing positions. 

Never has it been more important to understand the specific needs of each client and put forward the perfect candidate for the role; not simply the candidate who is available.

Never has it been more important to understand the specific needs of each client and put forward the perfect candidate for the role; not simply the candidate who is available. While many applicants have qualifications and experience that would allow them to grow into the role, fewer will have the skill set required to be able to work effectively and efficiently from day one.  Our expert team are adept at understanding each clients’ exact needs and, as always, will only submit a candidate if we are highly confident they are the perfect fit.  

In the world of domestic staff recruitment, it is unlikely that the true impact of Brexit is yet known. While there have been delays in the processing of work visas, other repercussions are yet to be felt.

 Over 35 years, Hutchinsons has built a trusted global network of candidates, clients and contacts, who we can work with to ensure vacancies are expertly filled.  These contacts and relationships, forged over many years, have meant that we have always been able to place even the most specialised roles.  They will allow us to continue doing so in the future. 

 Amid the turbulent socio-economic conditions, Hutchinsons has maintained the expected workload of previous years. The ‘seasonal slowdown’ we have come to expect over the Christmas period did not materialise and it has, at points, felt busier than ever. 

 One instance where this is apparent is the increased number of UHNW individuals moving from countries such as the UK and USA to the South of France and Switzerland - both areas in which we have worked extensively throughout our 35 years. This has caused a large demand for private house, villa and yacht staff.  Again, our years of industry experience and global network, have allowed us to make successful placements in these areas. 

We are, of course, blessed to work with HNW and UHNW individuals whose need for excellent staff is still very much alive.  Yet even here, the impact of the previous 12 months is noticeable. Greater caution is evident when it comes to staffing numbers and placing the correct staff who can carry out their role without unnecessary assistance, is crucial.

Never has a trusted, bespoke recruitment service been more important.


- Written By Frances Atkinson (Nee Hutchinson)