swiss partnership for hutchinsons domestic staff

Hutchinsons form new partnership with Swiss Management Company

Jun 23, 2021 - 3 mins

A newly formed partnership between a Swiss Management Company and Hutchinsons Domestic Staff has been made, allowing us to operate in Switzerland.

This means that our Swiss clients have the benefit of our being able to advertise for staff members, both in Switzerland and Europe via the two offices.

Two highly experienced specialist companies, both with extensive private house domestic Recruitment experience, who focus on locating and recruiting only the very best calibre of staff to fill all your employment vacancies, be this Household Manager, Butler, Domestic Couple, Chef, Housekeeper, Nanny, Head Gardener, Personal Assistant, Chauffeur etc.     

In addition, we are able to arrange Swiss working Visas and to offer staff on Contract via the Swiss office.

For more information on this new service please email

- Written By Frances Atkinson (Nee Hutchinson)