relationships are important in domestic staff recruitment

The Value of Relationships in Domestic Staff Recruitment

Apr 14, 2021 - 9 mins

Long term relationships are an essential element of successful domestic staff recruitment and one which is often overlooked. If tended to correctly they can improve the recruitment experience for clients and candidates alike. Building these relationships is of paramount importance to our select, stable team of recruitment experts, and this has enabled them to lead the way in domestic staffing for 35 years.



While it is possible to place excellent staff into households and families with whom a relationship has not yet been formed, there is undoubtedly a link between those clients who Hutchinsons have worked with in the past and the number of perfect candidates put forward for a role. Ongoing relationships mean that Hutchinsons can better understand the exact needs, requirements and values of each client, so candidates can be matched accordingly.

Furthermore, previous experience of working on behalf of a specific family or family office means that our recruitment experts can build a more accurate picture of the role on offer and the characteristics required for a candidate to succeed. Finally, long-standing client relationships become invaluable when members of the existing household team have been previously placed by our experts. We can then ensure that any candidates selected will work effectively within the established household.

For clients, strong relationships are valuable as they allow Hutchinsons to put forward several exceptional candidates certain to succeed in the role.



Aside from the reassurance provided by speaking to familiar team members throughout the recruitment process, ongoing relationships have additional benefits for candidates too. They create an opportunity for our team to develop a full and clear understanding of your previous career journey, past experience and future goals and aims. This can be taken into account when searching for the next placement.

Over time our experts will learn which elements of positions candidates have enjoyed most and can look to find similar aspects in future placements. This insight means that Hutchinsons are able to put candidates forward for roles relevant to them, ones in which they will excel as opposed to just ‘meeting the brief’. Here good relationships are the difference between finding a job and the perfect job.


At Hutchinsons our select team of experts are dedicated to developing client and applicant relationships alike. We work hard to protect and nurture them by continuing to deliver industry-leading domestic staff placements.  Our small size and bespoke recruitment process mean that great relationships are achievable, it is this that allows us to continue our excellent level of service. 


- Written By Frances Atkinson (Nee Hutchinson)